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New AMAZING SPIDERMAN Images, First Trailer Next Week!

Sony Pictures are certainly opening AMAZING SPIDERMAN up via endless new images. Via  Entertainment Weekly  A whole host of new images have arrived online giving us some real close up shots of Spiderman’s costume, more of Rhys Ifans as Dr.Curt Connors (aka The Lizard), some of Ben & May Parker (Martin Sheen, Sally Field) and first look at Dennis Leary as Gwen Stacy’s father George.

Ill admit I was a bit sceptical of Andrew Garfield playing Peter Parker but now we’ve had a load of new images which show him as Peter, others as Spidey you can see why he got the job simply because he comes across as a geeky type of person like Peter. What we really want now is to read  the plot, we know the characters we’ve now seen some images what about the story? Hopefully next weeks Comic Con in San Diego will shed some light as the official first trailer will debut and next Friday in USA (rest of us 29th) Captain America will have the trailer playing in some cinemas too.

The Amazing Spiderman opens July 3rd, 2012.









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