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Sorry Peter But THE HOBBIT Has Already Appeared In Finland!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid the Finn’s have already beat Peter Jackson by getting THE HOBBIT on film..well a TV Film. They have actually beaten him by 18 years to be precise, in 1993 Finnish television aired a 9 part mini series which covered not just the upcoming HOBBIT films but the Lord of The Rings Trilogy too! The whole series is available online with English subtitles, so go have a laugh and check out the competition, but for now lets not upset sir Peter Jackson!

I would advise on having an extra clean pair of underwear near by though, as there could be urination due to the laughing you’ll be belting out: due to Smaegol transforming into Gollum (or is it Bruce Forsyth?), which looks like a cross between an old Hulk tv episode whilst in the video of Talking Head’s Road to Knowhere ! It sounds crazy but just watch!

We’re been kind to you guys the whole first episode is below in 3 parts, enjoy!



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