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First Look At DALLAS TV Trailer – Get The Shoulder Pads Out For Summer 2012!

“Da da da da dadada daa da da daa dddaaaaaa!!!!” It was confirmed over the past month or so and the first cast picture appeared in the national press, yes ladies and gentle DALLAS  will be returning!!! Forget your summer blockbusters of summer 2012 dig out your cowboy hat, boots, dust down those shoulder pads the 1980’s all-time classic is returning with some familar faces but also some new ones along with new faces old names.

There’s only one place Texan oil tycoons, live a life of luxury whilst the rest of the world is struggling, this is only place that you’ll find cheating wives who shoot husbands, never end up in jail and always came back to the hubbies as they only wanted the $$$. Family fighting, spouses who are shot dead but are re-incarnated by walking out of showers, alien abuductions (or was that Dynasty?) who cares Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray will all be back to play JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen (the bitch)once again.

Like any resurrected soap the cast will be made up of younger cast who will cause havoc for the senior characters opening up some old wounds with Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong making up that new cast line up.

TNT are bringing Dallas back to the small screen but will it have the same success as the original series? Who knows but they’ll have to try really hard as it lasted 14 seasons and not even the best shows of the past few years can say they’ve had that amount of seasons! So start watching Watch Channel, dig out the old betamax videos, dvd collections and prepare for the new generation of DALLAS!

Here’s the tv trailer courtesy of  CinemaBlend



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