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TRANSFORMERS To Restart With New Trilogy, Not Reboot But Could Michael Bay Still Return?

Transformers:Dark Of The Moon or the franchise in general may not be to everyone’s cinematic tastes but you cant deny the current movie has raked in £350 ($500) million worldwide at the box office. Even with that type of money already in the bank there is still doubts over the future of the franchise which will continue in some shape or form but the question is what form will it return in?

The recent chitchat online is the possibility of it returning as reboot with Jason Statham leading the franchise into a ‘darker’ style, however The Transformers producer Don Murphy via his own personal messege board has told us the franchise won’t be getting rebooted.

“What happens next? Certainly not a reboot. We haven’t lost the Transformers. They didn’t grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don’t know what happens next. I’m pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn’t all bots.” 

Paramount hasn’t announced any plans to follow up with movie 4 just yet but with The robots now in disguise of dollars bills, it will just be a matter of time before something comes on the pipeline and Murphy’s idea will take place. With the 3rd movie raking in an excess of $50million a day those mortal words of “this will be the last one” could come back to haunt Michael Bay and money talks which could tempt the Baymeister to return.

A recent red carpet non press screening in Miami,  Bay with some of the movies stars as well as the Red Bull skydivers from the movie in attendance Bay said a few words to the crowd in attendence and was presented with a chorus of boos when he told him it was the last one he’ll be making:

This is bittersweet because this is probably the last one for me… [crowd boos] … Hey, hey, but, but, last night it opened in America and did somewhere like $50 million dollars. Now in movie speak, $50 million in one day, on a Wednesday, that’s freaking awesome so…”

So could the baymeister be returning, who knows but if given enough time as well as a chance to get his own personal project up and running as well as released if Paramount give him the money there could still be a 4th movie with Bay in the directors chair.

source  TFW2005 / ScreenRant


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