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Smell The shit? No its Just A Trailer For Another Adam Sandler Film JACK AND JILL

In these times money is hard to come by and when you do splash the cash you certainly want value for your pound this also means the same for movies at our local cinemas. Adam Sandler doesn’t come under that value for money, I can’t even think of a time I could actually say that for any of his movies  and after Grown Ups any remote chance of myself enjoying anything with him in it or cnnected went straight out the window and is now lost in the wilderness.  So when Sandler has a new movie coming out its more intriguing to find how low he’ll go and JACK AND JILL is down there with the shit the family dog left behind that you should have scooped up and bagged in a bin.

JACK AND JILL  which has Adam Sandler playing Jack a successful business man married to Katie Holmes with kids who dreads thanksgiving as its the one time of the year his twin sister Jill (guess what? Yep your rights Sandler!) comes and stays with him. Jacks peaceful tranquil family turns upside down when Jill’s neediness and passive-aggressiveness drive Jack crazy. There’s 2 parties conned here the paying public and Sony who actually gave Sandler money to waste in this embarrassing film and what the hell is Al Pacino thinking?! Yes The Godfather is in this and his next move should be to sack his agent and deny any involvement in the movie, JACK AND JILL just proves Adam Sandler’s secret desire to be a transvestite and if there’s one thing in the world that can make M.Night Shayamalan movie look Oscar worthy its a Adam Sandler film.

The cast wall of shame  includes Shaquille O Neal, Nick Swardson, Allen Covert, Dana Carvey, Valerie Mahaffey and if you do want to see this (probably you have plenty money to waste) it wont be out until January 6th 2012 or for American fans its 11th November thats 11-11-11 which means end of the world and what a way to go out: On gravestone “died in vein watching a Adam Sandler movie”!



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