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A Quaint Second Trailer For Gus Van Sant’s Indie RESTLESS

Sony Picture Classics have released a second trailer for Gus Van Sant’s indie drama RESTLESS starring Mia Wasikowska and Henry Hopper(son of the late Dennis Hopper). Apart from one massive stinker of a flick (cough cough Psycho remake) Gus Van Sant’s has the privilege of a near perfect film cv, he rarely makes a bad movie mostly less commercial movies but you wonder if he got the Twilight Saga job you wonder if we would adding another 2 more to his ‘stinker’ list or even would he have made a franchise despised so much by the critic loved by the fans into a wonder movie? Who knows!Restless tells the story of a terminally ill young girl who falls in love with a boy who makes a habit of attending funerals and has a ghost friend Yoshi a Japanese World War 2 Kamikaze pilot.

A way back last October we did post a trailer for this movie which was originally planned for a April 2011 release however since then the movie has played at Cannes and is now set for a October 21st release, American movie fans can catch the movie a little earlier on September 16th

Vodpod videos no longer available.



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