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“I Turned Down The Social Network & 127 Hours” – Shia LaBeouf

Whatever you think of Transformers Dark Of The Moon be it positive or negative its certainly raking the money for Paramount and with that happening its going to be around for a very longtime but what form we don’t know yet.  As the movie squabbles about its direction , the franchises director and main star are leaving and usually comes with that is a few revelations and Shia LaBeouf has spilled some beans.

In a interview for   Details magazine the star revealed he actually turned down The Social Newtork along with 127Hours. He also revealed also the future films The Bourne Legacy as well as Next Months Rise Of The Planet of The Apes parts now went to Jeremy Renner and James Falco .

You wonder if Shia did take the parts would those films have clocked up 3 Oscars, 7 golden globes and the numerous other awards? The question you would  have asked if he did take the other roles, would Transformers been anymore successful without the actor? LaBeouf has admitted he is a fan of the movies mentioned but he believed those particular movies weren’t bigger enough for him  “I am trying to impress myself. I have yet to do it,I’m looking for Warren Beatty-type game changers.”  



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