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FILMS ON FRIDGES – Incredible pop-up cinema celebrating Hackney’s famed Fridge Mountain

Films on Fridges
Incredible pop-up cinema celebrating Hackney’s famed Fridge Mountain

Project by Scout Limited, presented with Hackney Picturehouse Cinema
– Open 27th July to 13th August
– Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery Yard
– Fish Island, East London

This summer, Films on Fridges has resurrected East London’s Fridge Mountain – once Europe’s largest mound of discarded refrigerators – in all its monumental glory for three weeks to create a distinctive cinematic experience.

Watching a film has never been this eccentric as the discarded refrigerators take the form of a pop-up cinema. Drawing on the area’s industrial heritage and its ongoing transformations catalysed by the Olympic development – this inventive environment is intensified by framing it against the backdrop of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

As a tribute to the Olympic spirit, Films on Fridges has a notable line up of sporting classics and UK premieres.The project engages attendees in the ongoing discussion of the area’s rapid transformation, a homage to both its industrial past and the athletic legacy to come. The cinema’s construction utilises reclaimed refrigerators, thanks to the UK’s leading recycling centre – SIMS Recycling Solutions, to raise awareness of the issues of waste, reuse, and sustainability.

Films on Fridges will run for three weeks – its 2011 dates aligning with those of the 2012 Olympic Games, and will screen sports-centric films, from blockbusters to indy gems. Booking tickets in advance is highly recommended.

To experience this unique, cinematic extravaganza book at Tickets are now on sale and are £10 each.

Classics such as Rocky, Cool Runnings and Chariots Of Fire are already confirmed as part of the sporting programme. A Night of East End Tales in partnership with East End Film Festival – a collection of shorts by local filmmakers inspired by the area’s landscape, people and life stories.

For movie information please go to – Twitter: @FilmsonFridges


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