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Will Smith Want’s Denzil Washington For AMERICAN CAN Katrina Drama

One thing I can say about living in UK, is we’re thankful we rarely or never see hurricanes as devastating as they see in warmer parts of the world such as USA and one Hurricane that touched peoples lives was that of Hurricane Katrina. Its wasn’t just the  2005 hurricane it was the aftermath which totally wiped out the city of New Orleans with flooding which became lawsuits against the flood prevention designers and mass looting.

Its been no secret Will Smith has been wanting to make a drama based on the Hurricane for a few years and now looks like that drama AMERICAN CAN is going to happen. Will Smith will be producing the film with The Blind Side director John Lee Hancock scripting & directing with Smith who was meant be starring in to but due to scheduling( he’s starring in M.Night Shyamalan’s One Thousand A.E)  he is now staying behind the camera.  Vulture are now reporting that they may have found there replacement to play the lead character John Keller, Denzil Washington someone Smith has been wanting to work with for some time.

The basis of the movies story is a  John Keller a 6 foot 7 ex-marine who stayed with a group of elderly residents of  a apartment block  when the levees broke down suffering an harrowing ordeal of the hurricane’s aftermath. Keller stayed with the group fending off looters, getting essential food, medical supplies as well as getting the residents mostly white onto the roof which eventually alerted a rescue. It sounds a dramatic and compelling story  which until now has only been told via an documentary called New Orleans:My Home, My Love, My Life which so far has only seen a limited audience and Smith & Sony believe American Can will appeal to a wider audience and highlighting the true epic story of John Keller.

Nothing has been confirmed just yet as Washington is currently giving notes on the whole project and  if Sony & Will Smith like what they hear  a deal should be made. We believe a deal will be sealed simply down to the fact both actors have been wanting to work together for sometime and though Will Smith is only behind the camera for this one, it should open a window to a possible future project where both are acting together.


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