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COWBOYS & ALIENS: When Jon Favreau Interviewed Harrison Ford

When it comes to interviews especially the ones in EPK (Electronic Press Kit) they are very predictable as well as a little boring. Jon Favreau the director of COWBOYS & ALIENS is always keen to try new things and one of those is publicity and he himself probably agrees on the generic interviews, so what could he do differently? Simple do the interviews himself and ask his questions and have candid open interviews. First up is Harrison Ford regarded as mr grumpy by many when it comes to been interviewed, it can be cringe worthy stuff at times but the amazing thing is you can see he is really excited about the movie  making this a very entertaining interview.

I don’t know why but the interview has been split into separate parts, each video a question, we’ll assume Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde possibly a few more of the cast will follow and there taking this approach we can expect several more exciting interviews. COWBOYS & ALIENS will be making its world premiere at this years Comic Con in San Diego then it opens in USA July 29th eventually opening here in UK &Ireland on August 19th.

source: AICN


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