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Superman Returns to Krypton: Deleted Scene

The latest in the Superman franchise was a disappointment to most; in trying to focus on some kind of inner conflict for Superman, Bryan Singer actually seemed to neglect a more action orientated crowd. The masses would rather a physically damaged Superman than an emotional one. I’m of the opinion though that if the film were cut down in to a tighter running time, minus the kid stuff, then it would have actually been a pretty decent movie. The plane rescue, still remains one of my favorite action scenes that I have seen in a cinema. There were rumblings that Singer left some scenes on the cutting room floor to save for another film, but alas he is not to return to the franchise as Zach Snyder stepped in. With the Anthology being released on Blu-Ray again, they have now added the deleted scene to the extras; though the true cause for it being left out of the original cut was that Singer did not think it had the weighed he hoped it would pull.

It’s a shame though, perhaps establishing a better identity of Krypton and the alienation of Superman would’ve added something more.

Watch it below:


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