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Bridesmaids UK Press Conference Coverage

The following are some snippets from the press conference for the new hilarious comedy Bridesmaid, starring Kristen Wigg.

When asked about the improvisation in film, director Paul Feig commented that it; “Gets you away from what a lot of comedies have, especially romantic comedies which is, it’s very scripted and very written, so it doesn’t feel in the moment. So by them even just tweaking the wording a little bit on already written lines it just feels like people having a conversation and they can surprise each other and then you get that energy…… and a freshness and a surprise among the performers which then goes with the audience”. While on the subject actor and IT Crowd star Chris Dowd chipped in that “Kristen is just the best improviser I’ve ever worked with.”

Whether there was a need for another comedy about a Wedding, Feig said; “This is very much a story about a woman going through a terrible time in her life and getting this duty of maid of honour just throws it all off. What the wedding does is, it brings a bunch of characters who wouldn’t normally be together; together and it just drives them and the story forward”

On shooting the amusing sex scenes  John Hamm Wig commented; “I want to say “Oh, it was fun” but then I sound like a big perve,……, honestly we laughed the whole way through it and Paul made me laugh the way he was shouting out things for him to do to me”. Feig likened it to “choreographing the worlds hardest fight scene.”

Chris Dowd confirmed that even with Hollywood beckoning he will be back to shoot the final series of the IT Crowd early next year.

And when someone inquired about the possibility of a sequel; Feig divulged; “there’s been no official talk of it… it would be a crime not to reassemble an amazing team like this, but we would only do it if we can make it as good or better than the original because there is nothing worse than the sequel that lets everyone down.”

Bridesmaids is now on wide release across the UK. To read my review of the film click here

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