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Want To Play A Game? Let Play WARGAMES?! Seth Gordon To Reboot Classic 1980’s Flick?

For anyone over 30 (or fans of 1980’s flicks) the early 1980’s was a scary time to live as it was the final years of the cold war era with tyrannical loose cannons Ronald Regan and Margaret Thatcher in power the threat of nuclear war was always on your mind. You just have to look at the tv programmes of the decade Threads, The Day After that reflected the fear of nuclear war, there was one film that basically launched the movie career of a certain Matthew Broderick, WAR GAMES.

In era of everything been remade, rebooted, re something the news that MGM want to remake the movie with Seth Gordon to write and direct. Deadline are reporting this story that Four Christmases / Horrible Bosses director will develop the film which was another snap of cold war paranoia mix up with the knowledge that computers in 1983 were in their infancy  which made this movie all the more interesting. So what was War Games all about? The movie starred a young Matthew Broderick, All Sheedy  with Broderick a computer genius who hacks into a military computer believing first to be only a game  soon discovering the games are real and he was about to kick off world war 3!

With King of Kong under his belt it seems MGM are looking to someone with a bit of ‘gaming’ experience which Gordon has and WAR GAMES  will be a change of direction for the director after years in documentaries and comedies. In the 1980’s and even up to a few years ago some technology was a little primitive and has advanced drastically but with the technology of today especially military technology you would have infiltrate probably the best secured computers in the world. It’s hard to see how the movie can work but with the recent case of a man hacking into American Military/Nasa computers  you can see why they may want to reboot this movie!

source  Deadline



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