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Fox looking to Paul Greengrass or David Slade to ressurect Frankstein

With The Vampire sub-genre been drained of any drop of movie essence and zombie one been dead, roaming around filmland land one of the undead film studios are now focusing on the next classic monster FRANKENSTEIN. The dissection actually started earlier this year when Mary Shelly’s monster found itself the highlight of stage version by Danny Boyle, Guillermo Del Toro has spoke about creating a version, Neil Burger (Limitless) has been chased to remake The Bride Of Frankenstein. Stuart Beattie (Tomorrow The War Begins) has been attached I,Frankenstein a comicbook version, there’s also the small matter of This Dark Endeavour with Matt Reeves (Let Me In) attached.

Showblitz also heard of talk of Werewolf in London possibly to be remade with John Landis so Max to write a script, but nothing is been revealed but Vulture have heard from the grapevine that 20th Century Fox are looking at another new version of the classic tale but through Professor Frankenstein’ assistant Igor! With The Dark Tower slipping into the void it’s believed Ron Howard was in early talks to direct but with Spy Verus Spy, Rush  now on the horizon for the Former Happy Days star the attention will now focus elsewhere and Fox are looking at Paul Greengrass and David Slade.

The Question is are both these filmmakers available? Possibly but it would be a very tight schedule if all gossip on both ends up been true. Paul Greengrass his next venture looks likely to be the Somalian pirate movie Maersk Alabama starring Tom Hanks whilst Yates seems a little busier with Maleficent (Disney’s apparent Sleeping Beauty Prequel) with gangster flick Cicero also high on his agenda. Will Fox get their director? who knows but going on the movies mentioned at the moment its highly unlikely and like any film studio they always have their contingency plan ready to kick off, with a list of other hopefuls and with monsters high on the agenda for virtually every film studio you can expect Fox to move quickly to kick off the project.




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