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4 New Poster’s For Tarsem Singh’s IMMORTALS

With 5 months still to go already Tarsem Singh’s IMMORTALS has had a teaser trailer, posters and now we have 4 more posters to show off. Many people have said this should have been the Clash of The Titans due to the nature of the storyline but after watching the trailer you can’t help comparing it to 300 visually as well storywise. Been someone who was brought up on the original though camp 1981 Clash of The Titans anything about the Greek Gods, mythology and epic war battles im as excited as the kid watching the original film and visually this movie looks fantastic. It wont win plaudits for serious acting, but we do have what looks an exciting fun movie to look forward too in the cold of winter and a chance to see the new Superman Henry Cavill play his first major Hollywood role before he becomes the man of steel next year, if everything goes well with this movie it should do him well for Superman.

We do have a bit of a wait for this one as its not coming out until November 11th, so do expect some more exciting stuff from the movie over the summer. Immortals also stars  Stephen Dorff, Isabel Lucas, Freida Pinto, Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz, John Hurt.


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