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UK Trailer For THE ART OF GETTING BY Starring Freddie Highmore

Yes your eyes arent deceiving you that is Charlie Bucket from Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! Freddie Highmore has spent his child years in many well known family movies which also include, Golden Compass, Finding Neverland, Spiderwick Chronicles and more recently in a remake of the classic anime Astro Boy (as the voice of Astro Boy) but he’s grown up now, well older teen and its grown up movies now and THE ART OF GETTING BY. 20th Century Fox  have sent us the UK Trailer, a movie which he stars with Emma Roberts (Scream 4) where he plays a high school slacker George who is more interested in doodling, skipping class and living in his own little world, Roberts plays Sally similar in character to George but over a period of time their friendship blossoms there love for each other grows but complications make it hard for both to show true feelings.

The movie has been released  American cinema’s  this week and made  its premiere at this years Sundance Festival to a fairly decent response but how well did American movie fans take to Freddie’s American accent, was it convincing? Let us Know what you think! The Art Of Getting By also stars Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Alicia Silverstone, Blair Underwood, Sam Robards, Rita Wilson and will be released in UK & Ireland on September 23rd, check out the UK trailer below:



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