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Tom Cruise in Talks to star in Christopher McQuarrie’s ONE SHOT

Tom Cruise has definitely retuned himself into one of Hollywood’s top Action thriller actors with Mission Impossible franchise, Knight & Day, Minority Report to name a few. We know that Cruise is to star in Horizons (formerly Oblivion) for Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski which is due to film around January 2012 but it now looks like he is about to fit one more movie in before Horizons to star in ONE SHOT.

Deadline is reporting that the movie based on the Lee Child’s popular novel ONE SHOT could be the stars next project could be to star in this adaptation but not necessarily as the movie’s main character Jack Reacher a former military policeman turn drifter. Jack Reacher is an recurring character in Lee Child’s books with the series spanning 15 books and there is a possibilty  Cruise may actually be in the running for the part as Jack which will  shock and confuse many. When you look at Cruise’s filmography playing Jack Reacher is a logical move but both Cruise and Reacher’s psychical attributes dont match  as Reacher is a big man described as been around 6″ 5 inches (around 250 pounds)whilst Tom Cruise is only around 5″8 inch size.

This will kick up some stir with fans of the books but Lee Child’s has reportedly said on his his site “Reacher’s size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way.” . I haven’t read any of the books but it sounds that Jack Reacher uses his size and stature to ‘Get the job done’ but Paramount are in this project for the long run and one thing Cruise does do well for them is healthy returns at the box office.

The project is to be directed by Christoper McQuarrie who has made a name for himself mostly as a screenwriter, most notably The Usual Suspects & Valkyrie. If things canted be sorted before Horizon’s starts in January and Tom Cruise signs on board this project will start as soon as Horizon wraps.



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