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New Trailer & Images For Sky Movies Adaptation of Peter Pan in NEVERLAND

In A era when virtually everything in movieland that has been successful is been be remade, rebooted, sequel these days people are getting a little bored that no originality seems to be around these days however  there is the odd occasion we actually dont mind. One of those great stories we do love to see again and again is the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan and Sky Movie HD are the latest people to adapt the story with a TV Movie.

NEVERLAND  stars Rhys Ifans is Hook , Anna Friel as Elizabeth Bonny (Pushing Dasies), Bob Hoskins as Smee (the same part he played in Steven Spielberg’s  Hook), Charlie Rowe (as Peter) and Keira Knightley (as Tinker Bell).The new version will be a never been told story with the fictional characters becoming a little more realistic and delving deep into the history of the stories characters especially Peter Pan & The Lost Boys.

Sky Movies have been in touch and sent us a spanking new promo trailer which shows never before seen footage showcasing the movies main characters and some of the state of the art special effects. As well as the new trailer they have sent us some new images and also announced the launch of the movies microsite which you can checkout HERE.

If you missed the teaser trailer a few months back you can check it out here:

The movie will be shown next month on Sky Movies HD as for anyone who hasn’t subscribed to Sky Movies or is n’t from UK we may have tp wait a little longer before we can see this.


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