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Last week the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 marketing train started last week and that dreaded Twilight fever will hit us smash in the face like a bullet train. Next week (17 June) Jim Mickle’s Vampire Post Apocalyptic road movie Stake Land will be released in UK & Ireland and if your dreading The teen population going into frenzied overdrive with Team Jacob, Team Edward, Stake Land however may have a little remedy for you to cure you of Twilight craziness with a cheeky little ‘Anti-Twilight’ Viral. Its a bit of silly fun but we do like a poke at Stephanie Meyer’s adpated flicks, with the viral we have 3 on-set interviews from the director Jim Mickle, Connor Paolo (Martin) and Nick Damici (Mister).

We caught a preview of the film last week and Cinehouse’s new reviewer Harry watched it and the next few days you can read his review.

A young boy (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl) is about to learn how cruel the world can become. Martin was a normal teenager before the country collapsed in an empty pit of disaster, and a vampire epidemic swept across the nation’s abandoned towns and cities. It’s up to Mister (Nick Damici, Mulberry Street,World Trade Center), a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin to safety. Armed with a trunk full of wooden stakes and a desperate will to stay alive, Mister and Martin make their way through locked down towns, recruiting fellow travelers along the way. Among them are a devout nun (Kelly McGillis, The Accused, Top Gun) and a pregnant teen (Danielle Harris, Halloween, Halloween 2)…
As with his hit, MULBERRY STREET, Jim Mickle creates a dark and terrifying world, although this time it is fully stocked with the most vicious vampires in recent film history. STAKE LAND is a gritty, post-apocalyptic road movie with teeth! STAKE LAND is released in cinemas on June 17th.


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