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Are Universal Pictures About to Reboot THE WOLFMAN Again?

I always remember February 2010 been a traumatic year, no work ,girlfriend left me in dire need of some cheering up, pop upJoe Johnston’s  THE WOLFMAN. It’s the best laugh I had in a longtime, perfect medicine for a broken heart as well as a unemployed chap in dire need of work, this movie was so bad you just had to laugh with it even though it wasn’t a comedy. This was a disaster for Universal as they hoped it would rejuvenate the old classic monsters (Dracula, mummy, Frankenstein) in the era of remaking/rebooting everything spilled down the pan but it makes you wonder if the cause was really down to re-shoots, spiralling costs costs that mounted to more they should the budget that should have been given to Mark Romanek! Couldn’t blame Romanek for leaving , though the movie was terrible you could completely blame Joe Johnston who was hit with so many constraints and a movie that was going in 10 different directions and a movie that was not scary or even felt like a period drama either.

So what do you now with a franchise thats been remade countless times? Try again and that’s what Universal Pictures plan to do and if things go to plan according to  Moviehole they could be starting filming as early as this Autumn!

If the report is true Michael Tabb has written a script which shares alot of links to the original 1941 George Wagner version but not to be called THE WOLFMAN but WEREWOLF. Its also understood the studio will meet up with the possible candidates to direct this new movie with the casting to follow not long after, with at this stage no names have been connected to direct or even the cast.

The last version was totally an unwanted movie even if the Mark Romanek version was made (which apparently alot better than Johnston’s though that would be easy), but now Werewolves are very popular again(in the studio’s eyes anyway). Thanks to The Twilight Saga which has 2 more movies to come and even MTV ‘S reboot of Teen Wolf to come it’s no better time to try again and try salvage some dignity for old wolfie. One thing whoever takes the job will first have to distance themselves from The Wolfman to start afresh alot like what Rise Of The Planet of The Apes have done with the crap Tim Burton dished out 10years ago. If this is true what direction they take as in target audience? should it be adults?, families? or the easy poor route of targeting the Twilight fanbase age group which would make this potential project another cop out .

List this one under Big rumour for now.


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