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Terrence Malick’s TREE OF LIFE finally Gets A UK&Irish release date!

Exactly 4 weeks ago The British & Irish movie fans were due to enjoy Terrence Malick’s THE TREE OF LIFE but due to a fateful mistake by Icon Distribution to announce they were to show THE TREE OF LIFE in UK&Ireland on May 4th 1 week before Cannes Film Festival kicked off the location the world believed the movie was to make its world premiere. We now know the movie did make its world premiere in the south Of France but what this announcement did do is was annoy Fox Searchlight and Summit International (the movies international rights owners) rightly got really angry with the affair and a legal battle commenced.

With a behind the scenes legal wrangle continuing no one in UK or Ireland had an idea exactly when or even if the movie would be released and with the recent news that the movie won the lucrative Palm D’or British & Irish fans got anxious to see the movie.  Today we received some great news that Fox Searchlight have now acquired the rights for the movie to be shown in UK & Ireland on JULY 8TH! Fox Searchlight have bought the rights from the movies financier (& movies producer) Bill Pohlad, the rights which were owned by his River Road Entertainment so this means the movie will go on general release at the same time as USA (May 27th was only a limited release in USA).

The story was announced by US Fox Searchlight presidents Nancy Utley and Stephen Gilula :

“We knew this was an amazing film from the moment we saw it,”. Pohlad added: “Fox Searchlight has been an extraordinary partner distributing our film in the United States, so we’re thrilled to have them releaseThe Tree of Life in the United Kingdom, allowing international audiences to experience Terry’s beautiful and affecting masterpiece.”

It’s great news and now we finally know when the movie will be released and we can judge ourselves if Malick’s movie is worthy of been labelled a masterpiece as there still mixed reactions surfacing around the globe. With the above announcement I wonder if a new trailer will surface? If you need a reminder check out the current trailer below.

source Deadline


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