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New Character Posters For CONAN THE BARBARIAN

Ill be honest when the news broke that CONAN THE BARBARIAN was about to be remade I wasn’t over the moon, there’s very few Arnie movies I like probably only Terminator 1 & 2 other than that I didn’t really care much. So who could play a muscle bound barbarian there’s not really anyone big in the stature of arnie, then we announced its Jason Mom0a, who? He’s made a name for himself as a tv actor especially in Baywatch,Stargate Atlantis and more recently in Game Of Thrones but now Conan The Barbarian is his big step up into filmland. Ill have to admit  what we saw in the last trailer this looks a fun movie, nothing fantastic just one of those no brainers we all love every once and a while.

Today Lionsgate have posted online 5 new character posters from the film which show  Conan (Jason Momoa), his father Corin ( played by Ron Perlman),  Marique (played by the sexy Rose McGowan),  Tamara (Rachel Nichols), and the film’s villain Khalar Zym played by Stephen Lang who looks just scary!

Conan The Barbarian will be released in UK&Ireland on August 26th and August 19th USA.

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