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Donald Sutherland is The President in THE HUNGER GAMES

I have to admit Ive neglected the recent few months news on THE HUNGER GAMES which has aggressively put together its cast which is now already filming somewhere in North Carolina. Now today hot of the press Lionsgate have now revealed Gary Ross post apocalyptic thriller has now made room for one more  actor whose character is an important one, it’s Donald Sutherland.

I’ll be honest I dodnt know much about THE HUNGER GAMES but what I have read about it so far it does show elements last seen in The Running Man and Sutherland’s character is the antagonist behind the Games, he will play President Snow the man for your entertainment who every year picks 24 random kids from 12 districts to battle to their deaths on tv. Its is annual bloodbath the powers to be (Snow) exploit there power over the people letting the world know they can take your kids kill them legally all in the name of entertainment and you are powerless todo anything about it.

Donald  Sutherland’s character President Snow is the president of the remains of the once USA which is now called Panem and he gained the power by poisoning anyone who he thinks will get in his way. It seems Lionsgate have chosen wisely on who to play the president a tall, imposing sadistic character who can be dramatic as well funny person and these are the qualities Sutherland does possess plus Snow’s character does have frailty of gingivitis .When you look at the movies the legend has appeared in its a great coup for Ross and a part Sutherland will perform with great ease, just look at the movies he has appeared From Dirty Dozen, Dont Look Now, the 1970’s remake of Invasion of The Bodysnatchers, played Giles in the film version of Buffy The Vampire Slayer right up to recently   playing Jason Statham’s inspiration in The Mechanic.

THE HUNGER GAMES is a trilogy  of  books with Catching Fire & Mocking Jay  been the follow up books  which both President Snow plays a big part in compared to the first one where his involvement is minor. Like any popular Book come Movie it all depends on how the first movie pans out and if its successfull the other books will follow but I think we can say we will be seeing President Snow more than once on the big screen.

Donald Sutherland joins a cast of many which includes Jennifer Lawrence as lead character Katniss Everdeen, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson,  and Stanley Tucci with the movie scheduled for a March 23rd 2012 release.

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