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VOTD: [The Films of ] Baz Luhrmann

When it comes to all singing all dancing there can really only be one filmmaker at mind BAZ LUHRMAN. The Australian film maker is the latest director to receive a  video montage from Kees Van Dijkuizen in his fantastic [The Films of ] series which  showcases 12 of the movie ‘s best directors and there visual style, something Kees creates with artistic precision, with some great editing along with great song choice.

When Luhrmann decided to become a film director there was one genre he was going to thrive on that’s musicals simply down to be the son of  Ballroom dancers who constantly entered competition after competition. So it’s no surprise his directorial feature debut was Strictly Ballroom which helped bring ‘Australia-ness’ to film. But when Luhrmann makes a movie  he brings the flamboyancy and extravaganza  of theatre  to the bring screening bringing a refreshing colourful interpretation of films with Italian Oprea and Bollywood movies been a big inspiration.

Once again Kees Van Dijkhuizen doesn’t disappoint with another fine video montage and remember to check his Tumblr blog to see Kees thought process on his latest video. Roll on June’s edition!

Previous videos: Sofia Coppola / Danny Boyle / David Fincher / Wes Anderson


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