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Blind Film Critic Review :Watch Tommy Edison’s THE HANGOVER Part 2 Review

Got this sent to my cinehouse email but thought it’s more appropriate for The Peoples Movies as it’s a review for THE HANGOVER PART 2. It features Tommy Edison – the film critic who has never actually seen a movie. He has been blind since birth and now quickly gaining popularity through his You Tube videos and website. Tommy brings humor and a very unique perspective to his videos. I think you will enjoy them.

Tommy’s latest video is review of “The Hangover Part II”. He literally shows you how a movie consisting of mostly sight gags is perceived by someone like him – without the picture. Tommy says, “”The tattoo – a sight gag. The monkey – a sighted joke on legs. And the way I find out, later on they just go — “Oh, it’s a monkey!” — And the shock of the thing and the scream and all that kind of thing… it’s not going to
be that funny anymore. Man, you sighted people get all the breaks, don’t you?!” (laughs)

Tommy gave the movie a rating. He said “For “The Hangover Part II”, I’m giving it 2.5 out of 4 eyes open. I want script and character
development. They left that all in the first movie!” (laughs)

check out his review below and to watch more of his reviews or more on Tommy check out his website : BlindFilmCritic 



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