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Sony Releases David Fincher’s GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO Trailer in Europe (but not UK), American Green Band Trailer Next Week

When it comes to finding out exactly when UK/Irish trailers are coming it is virtually mission impossible; you just have to wait for a blog like The Peoples Movies to post the trailer online, when it arrives via post. There is a few exceptions in UK& Ireland, but they usually arrive unannounced though it’s a slightly different story for the American releases especially the big blockbuster movies as film studio’s will announce a certain movies trailer will premier on a certain date. Here at The Peoples Movies we do our best to let you guys know if an trailer for a big upcoming movie is expected online no matter if its American or British, it just gives you something to look forward to and today Deadline have reported THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO has released a trailer in Europe.

That trailer is a red band version of the upcoming David Fincher remake of the Stig Larsen novel which is the first part of the  Millennium Trilogy shown through out 2010. As for Europe it’s a big continent so are the lucky people? Well for France and Sweden it is. I expected Sweden as it’s the homeland of the original movie, France I dont know why but the trailer has played in some select cinemas in the USA too but on  June 2nd the green band version of the trailer will arrive on general release. Myself and probably hundreds of other movie fans have searched high and low to see if the trailer has found its way onto the internet but nothing has appeared and when both red and green bad trailers appear we will post them here for your entertainment.

On IMDB one of their users claim to have seen the trailer, here’s what he or she said:

So a few thoughts on this, anyone that is worried about it not following the Orginal/book can put that worry to bed. This looks to be as graphic if not more then the orginal. The trailer consists of a bunch of quick cuts of scenes from the movie. Alot of things from the Orginal that we only see in still photos and hear characters talk about are actually filmed and shown. Any worry about Rooney Mara not looking the part don’t need to worry. There is a shot in the trailer of her topless pulling on a shirt much like Noomi Rapace does in the others. Mara looks the part for sure. Skinny as Rapace, only thing it looks like they may have done is toned down the punk look some. But not alot. Not sure what else to say other then the trailer was very intense, it was set to Led Zeppelins immigrant song.

The biggest worry about any remake of a popular/classic movie is how much is homage to the original, when you here about Akira about to be destroyed by a mediocre hollywood remake you can’t blame people worrying. If the above is true we have something to look forward to this christmas and the sounds of it Fincher has put his stamp on it bringing a little bit more darkness to it as well. So are you one of those lucky people to have seen this? Well get in touch and leave your thoughts below in the comments!


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