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Watch LIFE AND DEATH OF JACQUES D’AZUR Trailer , Stella Artois Cannes Film Festival Short

The past few months Stella Artois and The People’s Movies including thousand’s of other media outlets have been involved in the search to Find this years Jacques D’Azur The undisputed King of Cannes. The Festival is currently taking place and tonight Jacques D’Azur short Film  LIFE AND DEATH OF JACQUES D’AZUR will premiere and the star of the flick Argentinian  Gustavo Alvarez will make his debut on the big screen!

Gustavo has no acting excperience but he beat thousands of Jacque Wannabes so well done to Gustavo and when can we see this little short filmin UK & Ireland? Easy, Watch FILM4 at 2048hrs (8.48pm) GMT and you can watch all 12 minutes of the film.

Check out the trailer for the short, read the press release below…


Stella Artois scoops slot for one of the longest ad breaks in history May 2011 –Stella Artois is set to premiere its much-anticipated King of Cannes biopic in the UK this Sunday at 8.48pm. The film will be shown with Stella Artois’ partner Film4 during a unique 12 minute slot that has been created especially for the occasion.

The film will be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on Friday (20th May), before being viewed by millions across the UK on Sunday night. In celebration of the film’s launch, Stella Artois has removed all of the advertisements from Film4’s peak time film slot and replaced these with the story of Jacques d’Azur, the ‘King of Cannes’. The screening of the 12 minute short film will also enter the records as one of the longest advertising slots in history.

Continuing Stella Artois’ commitment to pioneering work with film, the leading man was recruited through a global online casting call, open to aspiring actors of all talents. The lucky winner, Gustavo Alvarez of Buenos Aires, Argentina, plays the famous French film producer / director / actor / tennis player / chess master / backgammon champion / waterskiing pioneer and full time bon-vivant, Jacques d’Azur, having been selected from thousands of online casting videos.

Alexander Lambrecht, Global Marketing Manager, Stella Artois, said, “This is the culmination of a two month search for the perfect leading man to fill the shoes of Jacques d’Azur. We’re thrilled with Gustavo’s performance and it was only right that we mark the UK premiere of the film by giving viewers a unique and exciting event which rewards them for their love of film”.

The short film will be featured in a specially scheduled weekend of films including The Italian Job (original and new) and Alfie (original and new). Film4 will be running trailer spots to promote the special film premiere.


Viola! The Peoples Movies just happened to be subscribed to Stella’s Youtube Page and below I believe is the short in its full glory. I cecked on Stella’s website and it is the same one, but if you do want to see it on the television tune in on Sunday!


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