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Tom Cruise is Confirmed on Joseph Kosinski OBLIVION

After months of speculation Tom Cruise has finally committed himself to be in Joseph Kosinski’s Sci-Fi Post Apocalyptic flick OBLIVION. It hasn’t been a smooth ride for the movie originally a project for Disney Pitures but the movie didn’t fit the bigger picture at Mickey Mouse HQ and the movie was back in the open market. Since the days of the project been at Disney Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has been onboard and when Disney dropped the movie Kosinski was free to shop around for a potential buyer and Universal Pictures saved the day and landing Kosinski a $100million budget to play with.

Deadline are now reporting Tom Cruise is now officially aboard the movie which is based on an idea created by Kosinski himself  and they go on to say Cruise will play a soldier in a future where Earth has become inhabitable and humans have moved up into the Clouds.His character is also responsible for repairing the drones that patrol for savage Aliens known as scavengers and he meets a woman who crash lands on the desolate earth which gets him thinking about the bigger picture.

What this report also goes onto say is that Cruise in also in talks  to possibly be involved in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim monster flick though him appearing in the movie which will have Charlie Hunnam leading is still a a possibility but not certain. Cruise was originally meant to be the lead in Del Toro’s other pet project At The Mountain of Madness which was to be produced by James Cameron with a R-Rating, $ 200million project however Universal wanted the movie to be PG-13 and Del Toro pulled the plug on the movie.

Tom Cruise at the moment is Mr  Hollywood and he will get bums on seats in cinemas and despite getting closer to 50 the film studios still want him for there big movies. The other great thing about Cruise he doesn’t shy away from projects especially ones that may challenge him and the megastar  is certainly no stranger to science fiction movies, this has $$$ all the way!


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