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Become Your Own Movie Mogul with LIFE IN A DAY!

Ridley Scott is asking the British public to help bring
the feature film LIFE IN A DAY to their local Vue cinema
and raise money for charity at the same time.

YouTube, Scott Free and Vue Cinemas have joined forces to release LIFE IN A DAY from 17 June, the ground-breaking film directed by Academy Award®-winning director Kevin Macdonald and executive produced by Ridley Scott (Alien, Bladerunner). The idea for the film was borne out of a partnership between Ridley Scott’s Scott Free London production company and YouTube. Shot on a single day, July 24 2010, LIFE IN A DAY enlisted people around the world to capture a moment of their lives on camera.

In an innovative move which mirrors the inclusive way in which the film was made, Ridley Scott is now inviting the public to help promote the film’s cinema release and in doing so raise money for charities across the UK.

A special website full of advice and tools on how the public can join the campaign is being launched in the next few weeks. The site will include a 30 second app that creates a personalized poster and fully downloadable film footage which campaigners can cut to create their own trailer mash-ups.

The website will offer the public a unique opportunity to try out their skills as a real life Hollywood movie mogul.

A whopping 25% of each ticket sold online goes to charity and cinemagoers will get to choose which charity organization their donation is made to, from biggest international organizations to local school projects.

What’s more the public joining the campaign will be given the option to influence which charities their friends, family and network choose – opening up the opportunity for charities themselves to be a part of the campaign.

“This film was originally devised to invite anyone and everyone to contribute to its making,” says Ridley Scott. “Now we want you to be a part of that experience again by helping to bring it to your town or village, so that you too can help share this inspirational cinematic event.”

Producer Liza Marshall says, “Many thousands of people from around the globe helped to create LIFE IN A DAY. We feel it’s important to keep that vibrant spirit of openness alive in its cinema release. With this innovative partnership, everyone can continue to be a part of LIFE IN A DAY.”

Scott Free Head of Distribution, Chris Billows says, “The Micro-distribution concept is a micro revolution in the film releasing process. Designed for the Twitter and Facebook world, it is a new business model – crowd sourced film distribution.”

Mark de Quervain, Marketing and Sales Director at Vue says, “LIFE IN A DAY is the perfect film for such an innovative and inclusive campaign. Whilst raising a significant amount for charity we’re also developing a new model for film distribution where the public can play an active role in how a film is promoted.”

More information on Micro-distribution is available at:

LIFE IN A DAY brings together the most compelling footage from more than 80,000 videos submitted, combining 331 clips into a 95-minute film, crafted by Kevin Macdonald, Executive Producer Ridley Scott, Producer Liza Marshall and their team. Contributions poured in from 197 countries from Australia to Zambia, Peru to Ukraine, UK to Japan, from the heart of bustling cities to the furthest and most remote reaches of the earth. Many of the entries were submitted via YouTube whilst a number came from cameras that were handed out by contacts in the developing world.

LIFE IN A DAY shows in beautiful, humorous and joyful honesty what it is like to be alive on earth today.

UK cinema release date: 17 June 2011
Certificate: 12A 
Running time: 95 minutes

Need A reminder of The Trailer? Here it is…


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