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UK Trailer For MOTHER’S DAY Remake Starring Rebecca De Mornay

Optimum Releasing have released the UK Trailer for the remake of the classic Charles Kaufman Grindhouse movie MOTHER’S DAY. The new version sees Rebecca DeMornay (The Hand That Rocks The Cradle) star as the evil, sadistic and cruel mother; in a story about 3 brothers, who flee a botched robbery and head to the house that there mother once stayed in. But it is now owned by a yuppie couple. The brothers hijack their house warming party, which becomes a night of humiliation and Torture.

As Ive said many of time on this site, in the era of everything, either comic book movies or remakes, you wonder if this movie will be one of those that quietly sneeks in to box office without anyone noticing and then slip off the radar the following week? Sadly this may. Its a shame, as too many people just focus on the big blockbusters and the smaller movie suffers. If you enjoy the remakes of so called ‘former banned’ movies like Hills Have Eyes and I Spit On Your Grave you may well enjoy this one.

MOTHER’S DAY is directed by Saw (2-4) director Darren Lynn Bousman  with the Movie also staring  Jaime King (Sin City), Shawn Ashmore (Frozen), Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood) and you can catch the movie when it hits UK & Irish Cinemas from June 10th.

The new owners and their guests, gathered for an ill-timed birthday party, become the brothers’ unwitting hostages. Their mother and sister arrive, and it soon becomes obvious that Mother will do absolutely anything to protect her children. In one terrifying evening, Mother brilliantly takes control of the situation and masterminds her sons’ escape. Sides will be taken, secrets revealed, and sins punished as the hostages struggle to make it through the night.

A big Thanks to Optimum Releasing For sending us this trailer


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