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MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY Episode 5 is Online! Kitana & Mileena Part 2

It’s that time of the week again, time for another exciting webisode of MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY the web series based on the popular video game frnachise. Directed by Kevin Tancharoen (Fame) the anthology series dives into the origins of the games characters, how they became involved in the deadly game of mortal kombat taking a more human look at the characters but still keeping with the bloody gritty feel we know and expect from the game.

Last week we took the fantasy route into the story of the Outworld inhabitants Mileena, Kitana, and Tarkatan warrior Baraka, which resulted  in the fall of Edenia and in part 2 of the story we see the conclusion will Kitana get her revenge? Only one way of finding out check out episode 5, Lights! Camera! Blood! Action!

Episode 5: “Kitana & Mileena (Part 2)
Kitana and Mileena have grown up thinking that they are sisters, yet have grown apart over the years. Despite Mileena’s growing resentment towards Kitana, Shao Kahn uses them to destroy all who threaten his rule. But when they come upon King Jerrod on one of their missions, they finally learn the truth about their Mother and Father, and Kitana looks to plot her revenge against Shao Kahn.

Directed by Kevin Tancharoen
Written by Todd Helbing & Aaron Helbing
Produced by Kevin Tancharoen, Lance Sloane, Tim Carter

Watch Previous Episodes Here  EPISODE 1EPISODE 2 / EPISODE 3 / EPISODE 4


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