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CANNES 2011: Trailer For UNLAWFUL KILLING, The Keith Allen Documentary on Princess Diana

Wednesday sees the start of the 64th Cannes Film Festival,  the Premier film festival to show one’s film at. If you’re one of the fortunate people able to attend, you will see a number of posters, trailers and marketing for films; some of which we may never see. But some will be in our cinema screens within the next 12 months or so, and one of those movies you may see is UNLAWFUL KILLING. A documentary from British Actor Keith Allen, which is set to screen at the festival on Friday 13th May. It is set to have an in depth look in to the death of Princess Diana who would have been 50 this year.

This documentary will cause a storm and what better place to screen the movie at Cannes; which has seen its fair share of controversial moments over its history. It will get the Royalists up in arms and the conspiracy theorists rubbing there hands in delight, but like myself we just want the truth. The actual movie mixes up series of interviews with news footage, also recreating vital moments leading up to to the suspicious death of Diana and her partner at the time Dodi Fayed; in the now infamous car crash in Paris, 1997. It will bring out the suspicions of ‘Dark Forces’, supposedly covered up by the establishment to, what may equate, to an unlawful killing. But like all great conspiracies of world history, 9/11, JFK,  etc… we’ll never find the whole truth who the real culprits are.

Check out the trailer below, along with the official press release; Don’t be surprised if this movie never sees the light of day in UK & Ireland.

Unlawful Killing was finished on 9 March 2011, after three years of research and production, culminating (after a decade of delay) in an Inquest held at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

Keith Allen (father of Lily Allen) was at the centre of the inquest, covertly observing proceedings in the courtroom and amongst the press. His groundbreaking documentary recreates key moments from the inquest, and demonstrates how the cover-up was perpetrated. It shows how vital evidence of foul play was hidden from public scrutiny, how the royal family was exempted from giving evidence, and how journalists, particularly those working for the British media, systematically misreported what was happening.

This is not about a conspiracy before the crash, but about a provable cover-up after the crash.



LONDON, 9TH MAY, 2011: Three years in the making, UNLAWFUL KILLING – a searing exploration into the violent death of Princess Diana and the alleged subsequent cover-up by the British Establishment – will make its Festival debut at Cannes, the world’s leading film festival.

Acclaimed British actor and filmmaker Keith Allen (KEITH MEETS KEITH, ROBIN HOOD, SHALLOW GRAVE, TRAINSPOTTING, THE COMIC STRIP PRESENTS…..) has today announced his plans to screen his directorial feature-documentary debut at the celebrated film market and festival.

The film premieres in what would have been Diana’s 50th birthday year and just as Prince William, Diana’s beloved first son and future King, embarks on married life under the watchful glare of the world’s media.

This potentially controversial documentary – set to screen on Friday 13th May in Cannes – mixes candid interviews with recreations of some of the key moments from the official inquest, shockingly not held until a decade after the event. The questions the film asks, as it seeks to uncover the truth about the world’s most famous car crash, will inevitably shake the public’s perceptions of how Diana and her partner Dodi Fayed died – and where responsibility ultimately lies for this apparent Establishment cover-up perpetrated by “Dark Forces”.

Locomotive Distribution’s Colleen Seldin will handle worldwide sales efforts for UNLAWFUL KILLING, which will commence in Cannes and will be supported by the attendance of the filmmakers.

On making today’s announcement producer/director Allen commented; “Screening this film in Cannes for the world’s media will be both exhilarating and terrifying for me. As far back as 2004, I had been intrigued by Mohammed Al Fayed’s unrelenting determination to seek answers to the questions surrounding the death of his son, Dodi and Princess Diana. By going ‘undercover’ at the inquest, I hoped to reconcile some of my own suspicions too- but what I experienced was horrifying. This film is, in short, the inquest of the inquest.”

With today’s announcement, the filmmakers are simultaneously launching first-look materials globally – most notably the first official trailer for UNLAWFUL KILLING.

UNLAWFUL KILLING has an original score by Dave Stewart and guest contributors include Tony Curtis, Howard Stern, Kitty Kelley, Mohamed Al Fayed, Piers Morgan and Michael Mansfield QC, amongst others.

***01  july 2011 update – You can now watch the new second trailer HERE***


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    • true im not fan either like all the great mysterious deaths/killings of years gone of high profile people we’ll never ever find out as there would be too many high profile people who will be destroyed by the truth.

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