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First Look On Set of DR Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans), AMAZING SPIDERMAN

When Sam Raimi’s Spiderman came it took me a while to really appreciate it or in some cases loathe it but when last year it was announced there was to be another reboot I think I was like many people why? 1980’s into 1990’s I was a active collector of comics, I always remember going into A1 Comics (then it was AKA) in Glasgow city Centre picking up the latest editions of Web, Spectacular Spiderman along with Silver Surfer and Batman. Then £3GBP ($5)  would have have gotten you all the titles I mentioned but nowdays you would be struggling to buy one back then late 1980s nearly change of the decade the thought of a Comicbook movie would be silly but the following year a certain Tim Burton changed that with the first of the Cape Crusader movies.

Roll on 22 years comic book movie’s are the norm virtually every movie is either comic book related or a remake/reboot of a older movie (sometimes comic book one!) and we  have The Amazing Spiderman. ComingSoon and Daily Blam have today unveiled some New York on set images for The Amazing Spiderman which has Andrew Garfield who seems to be like the new Michael J Fox, the older he get’s the younger the parts he plays (he’s 28 in August!) playing our webslinger hero Peter Parker. Soon as Garfield was annouced all eye laid on who will be the villian and non stop gossiping went on and on and on until finally it was revealed it was The Lizard with Welsh actor Rhys Ifans to play the reptilian supervillian. So when things are in place like any curious person we want to see images! We’ve seen Spiderman and last week we had Ifans in a green suit obviously it was for the green screen (or he was instructed to hide all) CGI but today we seem him as his alter human ego Dr Curt Connors.

Before you say anything as silly as what that on Ifans arm? No he has n’t been doing something nasty with Kermit The Frog but if you know the story of Dr Curt Connors he was a soldier who served in Veitnam War where he lost his arm and it was through experimenting that The Lizard was born! Below that image if you look on the street there is a grey headed man who we believe is Martin Sheen as Ben Parker, Peter’s uncle but to actually see it is him you have to be eagle eyed. The other images we see Peter Parker himself with one with Emma Stone looking very sexy as a blonde. So if you were antcipating a true look at The Lizard I think we can say we’ll have to wait until closer to the movies release which is set at July 2012.


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