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Catfish Directors To Direct PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3!

If your going to bring a bit of extra spice back into your franchise why not hire some film makers who know how to cause a storm in a tea cup? The directors of the controversial documentary Catfish Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have been lined up to direct Paranormal Activity 3!

The duo are big on the festival network and there documentary caused such a ruckus , a story which documented the online relationship of Ariel’s brother Nev with a woman he never met and movie follows there hunt to track this mysterious woman. The movie was loved but heavily criticised on the legitimacy to be regarded as a documentary, but those who have seen the ‘doc’ the second part of the movie you could say was a horror type movie so you could thats one of the things Paramount have picked up on along with Catfish been an absolute success.

Now we know movie 3 is plugging away and Paramount Pictures are very keen to get production started for the October release (11th), the details on the actual plot are very scarce it will be set in the 1980’s revolving around a new family or possibly Kates family who played a major part in the first 2 movies but nothing is clear at this stage. No script has been written yet which could be a bit of a struggle to make that October release but it is a big step up for Joost & Schulman by stepping into a established horror franchise though if they bring the tension from Catfish into PA3 we shouldnt have anything to worry about.

So is Paranormal Activity 3 a task that these film maker can cope with? If no who would be ideal for this movie? Any ideas on the actual plot could be? leave your thoughts in the comments box below.



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