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New doc trailer from the guys who brought you ‘King of Kong’

So, King of Kong is one of my favourite documentaries.

Set in the world of competitive gaming. It had great characters, great drama and loads of heart.

From the same team comes Make Believe.


” In Make Believe, director J. Clay Tweel follows six adolescent outsiders who all share an extraordinary passion: the art of magic. Armed with great skill and a dazzling array of illusions, these teenagers embark from the varied hometowns of Malibu, California; Chicago, Illinois; Capetown, South Africa; Littleton, Colorado; and Kitayama, Japan to attend the annual World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, where they each hope to be named Teen World Champion by master magician Lance Burton.”

There looks to be a diverse range of characters, in the same vein as Spellbound, feeling the pressures of coping with fame and competition, which of course breeds drama.

source: Apple Trailers


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