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The American Trailer For Peter Mullan’s NEDS (“Non-Educated Delinquents”)

When Joe Cornish’s Attack The Block was shown at Sxsw Festival in Austin Texas USA the American fans adore it but they had one little fault about the movie, some fans had trouble understanding the London accent. Been from West of Scotland its funny when a part of UK southern England an area where people dont have much a problem with outsiders understanding there local twang, So Tribeca Film Festival is under way and there film distribution label Tribeca Films have released Peter Mullan’s NEDS (Non Educated Delinquents) American trailer via Apple.

Looking at the trailer it does look the exact same trailer with only the film company name change from eOne the un distributor to Tribeca, Mullan does give a great insight to the city’s gang culture of the 1970’s the era he grew up in as a teen and even these days when you meet a non-scottish person they still talk about the hardman image from that decade though nowdays its the total opposite but sadly the gangs are still there but now its all religious influenced.

Any American/Canadian Film Bloggers looking for a crash course on Glasgow Neds or neds in general drop me a line, Neds is available now on VOD or limited release in USA from MAY 13th

Acclaimed actor/writer/director Peter Mullan (Orphans, The Magdalene Sisters) returns to the gritty terrain of 1970s Glasgow with his third directorial feature, NEDS. John McGill is on the brink of adolescence with a promising academic future. At school he lives in the shadow of his expelled older brother Benny’s less than stellar reputation, making teachers suspicious of what type of potential he has. His home life consists of a violent, drunken father (Mullan) and a repressed mother. Surrounded by bullies and NEDS (“Non-Educated Delinquents”), John, with no support system, takes to the savage life of the streets with a vengeance.


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