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Trailer For THE ART OF GETTING BY Starring Freddy Highmore,Emma Roberts

Fox Searchlight have releasedthe trailer for indie coming of age drama THE ART OF GETTING BY formerly known as Homework starring British actor Freddy Highmore (Astroboy), Emma Roberts (Scream 4). George (Highmore) is a bit of a slacker in High School and prefers to doodle/draw, skipping class and be in his own little world, Sally (Roberts)  she’s pretty much the same  but like any love story complications make it difficult for both to show there true feelings.

Some of you might find it hard to beleive Freddy Highmore was the little kid fortunate enough to get a goldren wrapper in Tim Burton’s Charlie and The Chocolate Factory or even the little one from Finding Neverland. As for his American accent, im unsure, what do any of the American readers of the blog think? The movie played this years Sundance mixed reviews but thats the great thing about movies we all have our tastes some things we like you dont like, vice versa!

The Art Of Getting By also stars Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Alicia Silverstone, Blair Underwood, Sam Robards, Rita Wilson, no word on a UK/Irish release date but the movie will get a limited release in USA on June 17th.

 George (Freddie Highmore), a smart teenage loner, has made it to his senior year despite the fact that he has never completed an assignment. Enter Sally (Emma Roberts), the school beauty, who hides her melancholy behind the protective mask of popularity. An unlikely connection blooms as these kindred spirits bond over their troubled parental relationships. With his education hanging by a thread, George concedes to let Dustin mentor him. Dustin is a successful artist, and he’s 25 years old—finally, someone George can respect! With Sally and Dustin by his side, George blossoms and dares to look toward the future. But George soon learns that life and love have a way of dashing dreams as rites of passage and mounds of homework threaten to do him in on the eve of his graduation. Buoyed by a gifted cast, Gavin Wiesen’s accomplished first feature is a winningly perceptive drama that breathes fresh life into the beloved coming-of-age genre.



2 thoughts on “Trailer For THE ART OF GETTING BY Starring Freddy Highmore,Emma Roberts

  1. I’m really excited for this film. I love Emma Roberts, and it looks like she plays a great character…hope it lives up to the trailer.

    Also, this trailer had so much good music! Can anybody help me ID the song that’s playing when they’re dancing? I loved it. The only song I already knew was “Trial of the Century” by French Kicks, which plays over the second half of the trailer, but all the other songs were really cool….I’ll probably end up buying this soundtrack.

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