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Want To Be A Film Extra – Read On?

If you adore movies you always dream about your favourite movies where  you are the hero or the damsel in distress but you know deep down it probably wont happen if movie career isn’t your choice, but you ever fancy been in that movie say as a extra? Read on…

The film is called Twenty8k and stars Parminda Nagra from Bend it Like Beckham and ER. It’s a British thriller set in London that is being filmed in the East End right now! As such, we’re giving one lucky Facebook fan the chance to be an extra in the film this bank holiday weekend and all you have to do is enter the competition through the movies facebook page –

If your free that weekend and you’ve always wanted a chance to be a extra, why not enter? you never know and good luck and if you win remember to let them know you heard about the movie here at The Peoples Movies!!!


A teenage boy is gunned down outside a nightclub, then a young girl is involved in a hit and run outside a hotel. Fashion executive Deeva Jani, returns home to investigate her brother Vipon’s involvement but soon discovers a much deeper conspiracy. With the aid of an enigmatic youth worker Clint O’Conner, Deeva is led into the dark underbelly of a corrupt town full of terrifying secrets. Facing exposure, powerful adversaries descend upon her and she is forced to risk everything in order to save her brother.


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