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Nestor Cabonell To Reprise Role As Gotham’s Mayor in DARK KNIGHT RISES

He survived the Joker and if it wasnt for Comissioner Gordon taking a bullet for him he would probably be lying in some morgue in gotham, there was also the run ins with Harvey Dent to but Mayor Garcia is returning for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. According to Variety Nestor Cabonell (Lost) is been lined up to return as Gotham City’s  Mayor  as the actor is in talks which should be sorted very shortly and will join the ever increasing cast of Batman returnees which include, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman.

In the last movie The Mayor didnt have a major role in the movie but a few pivotal roles with Comissioner Gordon along with Harvey Dent you wonder how big his role will be in this movie plus will he actually get a full name this time?  Other casting news has seen several minor parts filled by Daniel Sunjata (Rescue Me), Diego Klattenhoff,  Burn Gorman (Layer Cake),Juno Temple, Josh Pence who will join major new faces Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Marion Cottillard.

You could say the casting for this movie is near complete and soon the filming will kick off in Pittsburgh this summer in time for July 2012 release, any future news we’ll do our best to cover it for you.

source Variety


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