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CANNES 2011: Watch Trailer For Emily Browning in SLEEPING BEAUTY

Today the Cannes Film Festival annouced its line up for next month’s festival (post just coming up) and one of the movies is Julia Leigh’s SLEEPING BEAUTY starring Emily Browning. Browning’s characters recently dont seem to have a fair crack at life from the harsh brutality in a mental insitution parading as a burlesque dancer to the dark underworld of a depressed student cum prostitue. One thing assures this movie will be alot better than Suckerpunch though her character wont find it easy either in this movie.the dark haunting erotic tale delves right into the dark underbelly not just of prostitution but a girl trying to really find herself during desperete times but its also the fact her character is drugged and she wakes up the following day no idea what perverted sex acts have happened to her. The movie does look beautifully shot very arthouse looking movie and more challenging role for Browning and if she pulls this off she may win a few more fans after Suckerpunch.

sleeping beauty also stars Michael Dorman, Mirrah Foulkes and Rachael Blake with Jane Campion (The Piano) presenting the movie next month, offical release date is still to be confirmed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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