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WORLD WAR Z Gets Its Director of Photography, Shooting to Start This Month?

If you love all things zombies you’ll love George C romero movies and will probably love the prospect of Max L Brooks seminal novel WORLD WAR Z but last month it looked dead and buried as no funder was willing to help the movie. Now move on a few weeks it seems things are moving forward and according to /Film moving very fast as there reporting cinematographer Robert Richardson has been brought onboard as Director of Photography. Richardson has been responsible for the photography for such movies Kill Bill, Shutter Island and Inglorious Basterds a great sign this movie is finally moving  ahead after 2 years in development hell but its moving that fast the movie may start shooting as early as this month!

Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster is lined up to direct this movie with Thor scriber J. Michael Straczynski on scripting duties with Brad Pitt’s Plan B producing with the actor starring assuming the lead role. Richardson has been to various locations including London and if the filming is starting possibly this month it means things went well and after many delays along with false starts World War Z looks like it will come reality quicker than we thought!

With so many Zombie related projects on the go or been & gone Brooks World War Z a book with a massive fanbase world wide is certainly one of the more ambitious projects and the author certainly know his stuff here. The George Romero movies introduced the sub genre to a worldwide audience life through the eyes of a survivor but World War z will gives the viewer life in a wartorn world where the undead are the enemy, Romero’s movies did briefly cover it but more that every defense was destroyed . Hopefully this movie will come before the sub genre overkills itself and would be good as well if parts of Brooks other book The Zombie Survival Guide can be seen in this movie too.


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