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Trailer For Love Wedding Marriage starring Mandy Moore, Kellan Lutz

Via Yahoo, ifc films have released the trailer for LOVE WEDDING MARRIAGE the debut directoral film for Dermont Mulroney. The movie stars Mandy Moore a newly married marriage councillor Ava who learns her parents played by James Brolin & Jane Seymour are getting a divorce. This news turns her life upside down and she is determined to reconcile her parents love again in time for there upcoming 30th wedding anniversary.Love Wedding Marriage must not be your typical generic romanctic drama as it was picked up by IFC Films, so there must be some sort of qaulity in the story as IFC do pick any tom, dick or Harry when it comes to films so ill respect there judgement. This movie may also interest Twilight fans as Kellan Lutz plays Moores on screen husband charlie(and girls theres even a scene he has no shirt on!).

Love Wedding Marriage will be released May 1st on VOD before it gets a limited release in USA on June 3rd, no word on a UK or Irish release date yet.

Ava (Moore) is a marriage counselor whose life as a newlywed married to Charlie (Lutz) is turned upside down when she discovers her parents’ happy marriage is unexpectedly headed for divorce. Determined to reconcile her parents for their 30th anniversary surprise party she stops at nothing plunging from one compromising situation to another. Will she destroy her own marriage and her professional life in her attempt to get her parents back together?

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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