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Megan Fox Spreads Her Angel Wings in Trailer For PASSION PLAY

Will Megan Fox ever appear in a decent movie? When will Mickey Rourke realise, 3 years on, that he has to step off the Wrestler success band wagon and actually attempt to repeat that success with something new? Well both answers won’t be PASSION PLAY and you can check out the damaging evidence below, in the form of the movie’s trailer.

Looking at the ensembled cast, the movie does look a decent enough to checkout; but last September at Toronto Film Festival the movie was destroyed by the critics and is probably the reason why it is getting a very limited cinematic release, before it hits DVD. Getting this movie made has been a long stressful process, from development hell (which we believe was nearly 20 years) to the big screen. But, the thought of Megan Fox playing an angel with Mickey Rourke as a faded jazz musican, who falls in love with her, looks like an interesting duo; especially when they have Bill Murray playing a sadistic boss, wanting the angel for Rourke’s life! The only one of the cast who seems like they are having any sort of fun is Bill Murray; proving he can mix serious parts with his typical comedy brand, it’s just sometimes his choice of movie does let him down at times.

The whole tone of this trailer just feels so out of place and don’t be surprised if this movie goes direct to DVD in UK & Ireland, out USA May 6th then May 31st DVD.



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