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Les Grossman Is Coming! Bill Hader Says Script is Written!

The sleazy rap loving slimeball of movie studio executive Les Grossman will be back on our cinema screens next year, the alter ego of none other than Tom Cruise! 2008’s Tropic Thunder character was one of the memorable characters from Ben Stiller’s comedy movie alog with Robert Downey’s brilliant Kirk Lazarus who is the dude who knows the dude and now Grossman is getting his spin-off movie.

I’ll be honest having the movie on DVD I never really clicked until the end the fouth mouth politically uncorrect character was Tom Cruise and the movie had a number of characters who could have gotten a nod for a movie but it seems Grossman was the only one to make a last expression on the Paramount Pictures bosses and they want more!

We’ve known since last summer that a project was on the cards and things were sort of made offical when Les Grossman character made a number of vignettes for the 2010 MTV Film Awards along with that infamous booty dance with Jennifer Lopez. Paramount even tried to make us be convinced that Grossman was a real person, I think a certain Sacha Baron Cohen may have something to do with that with his Borat/Bruno characters.

As for how far ahead the project is at the moment we dont really know however Paul star Bill Hader in the run up to the American comedy Awards has went as far as saying the movie has had a script written by Scott Pilgrim Vs The World/New Fright Night scribe Michael Bacall:

“Michael Bacall wrote it and he’s told me some really funny scenes from it.”

“I just know the broad strokes. Michael just telling me, ‘I just wrote this scene where blah, blah, blah and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s funny, man!’. It’s gonna be great.”

The involvement of Bacall due his previous work may get a few more people interested in this movie but people did ask did Les Grossman really deserve a spin off movie or not  as well as enough background to provide a new movie, but what can say is Tom Cruise has proven he has enough gile and energy for the alter ego to work.

Apart from Tom Cruise been involved there’s no word who will direct the movie if 2012 the movie will be released as well will Stiller, Black and Downey Jnr may reprise there roles from Tropic Thunder. Leave your thoughts below



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