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Liam Neeson Is Replaced by Nick Cassavettes in THE HANGOVER 2

One thing that makes Todd Phillips The Hangover very popular apart from the obivious humour is the choice of actors for Cameo parts and The Hangover 2 was to have Liam Neeson but now Phillips has said Neeson’s part has been cut from the new movie which is out May 25th in UK. Liam Neeson was brought in to replace Mel Gibson after the movies cast & crew’s disapproval but now he has been replaced by Nick Cassavetes according to Variety.

Liam Neeson did complete his cameo months ago but due to re-editing by phillips his scene had to be deleted with re-shoots had to be filmed due to continuity and the Irish actor is currently in London filming the sequel to Clash Of The Titans and was unable to wizz to the otherside of the world to reshoot so the part is now on the editing floor. The scene has now been reshoot already with Cassavetes which is a bit of a disappointment as he isn’t a name which really appeals to the general audience, even Mel Gibson is more of a pull than Cassavetes. It would have been nice maybe even Mike Tyson type cameo, someone unexpected but as its short notice you can understand they needed someone fairly quickly and though the cameo help the movie on a sales level there not an integeral part of getting more people in through the box offce.



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