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UK DVD News: Watch Trailer for Historical Drama BARBAROSSA Starring Rutger Hauer

He is a icon of the 1980’s he made a certain Irish stout popular worldwide with his surreal adverts, he was also a killer replicant in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, he also made sure you didn’t want to give him alift as the Hitcher.In Sin City he was that ‘Untouchable’  perversed Cardinal to more recently the Hobo with a shotgun now we have Rutger Hauer.

Monday 4th April on DVD & Blu Ray we will have a chance to see him as Federico Barbarossa in the historical drama BARBAROSSA.

Check out the movies synopsis and trailer below:

The ultimate knight faces his final crusade…

Rutger Hauer stars as Germanic Emperor Frederick Barbarossa in this bloodthirsty tale of a deadly medieval siege.  Set in Northern Italy, Barbarossa plans to capture the regions of South and Centre and recreate the empire, which many years ago belonged to Charlemagne.

As deadly clashes break out between the people of the land, fighting for independence and social status, Barbarossa struggles to keep control.

Featuring epic battles scenes and explosive action, prepare to join the fight for freedom.

The Movie stars Rutger Hauer, Raz Degan and F. Murray Abraham with Renzo Martinelli directing. The movie is been released by Metrodome and will be available from all good stockists from Monday 4th April.


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