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Watch The UK Trailer & Go Behind The Scenes With NORWEGIAN NINJA

A true story of treason and espionage in Cold War-era Norway re-imagined by a writer-director who, as a 12-year-old, had his mind warped by a diet of Star Wars, 1980s Ninja movies, C64 video games and his dad’s spy novels, provides the bizarre source material and inspires the vision for Norwegian Ninja, the debut feature by author-turned-filmmaker Thomas Cappelen Malling.

If you follow Cinehouse you’ll know we’re fans of this movie and the people the people who made this previous movie Dead Snow this is your homage to all things 1980’s ala spy movies with a massive dose of bizzare fun! Everyone from James Bond to The Shaw Brothers even a doseage of Gialli movie as well, dish out those old Dallas style shoulder pads, its time for big hair that needs fixed by one of those rocking Frog Brothers bandana’s.

ladies and gentleman boys and girls its time for the way of the tiger  ala shinobi stylee Norwegian Ninja (Kommandor Treholt & Ninjatroppen) is here to kick some KGB ass into place!

Thanks to the good people at Cult Labs/eOne below is the UK&Irish trailer plus a great little inside look at the production of the movie, from the green screen to concept, the featurette looks at the Torpedo scene especially. Here at Cinehouse/The Peoples Movies HQ we are fortunate that we have the movie in our possession and boys and girls your in for one hell of a treat here, catch it before Hollywood gets there mucky hands on it and ruins, this is a must for fans of Spy Movies Series or Spoof. Norwegian Ninja is out on DVD on April 18th in UK & Ireland.

When Commander Treholt (Mads Oussdal) and the highly trained members of his covert Ninja Force discover a sinister plot against Norway, they immediately leap into action to avert the crisis. Behind the devious plans for a coup-d’état that would effectively place the US in control of the country is Treholt’s nemesis, Meyer (Jon Oigarden), an operative of “Stay Behind”, an anti-Soviet force funded by NATO and with nefarious links to the CIA. As Treholt and Meyer wage a private and very personal war for the hearts and minds of the Norwegian people, the Ninja Force must fight to defeat Meyer’s co-conspirators in the name of King Olav’s battle cry, “All For Norway!” Meanwhile, Treholt is also occupied with the unenviable task of training a seemingly incompetent member of the Ninja Force to become his second-in-command.

Offical Movie Website link

Norwegian Ninja
Release date:18th April, 2011
Price:£12.99 (DVD)

Extras:Special Features include: Oddities and Bloopers; Home Alone With Otto; Interviews plus Fight Choreography, Music Video, Skycar and Torpedo featurettes; Bonus Scenes (Action Figures, Life On A Grassy Island, Wingsuits, Pyrotechnics).
Director:Thomas Cappelen Malling


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