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Its got have been one of the most popular Pixar animations after Toy Story Franchise, MONSTERS INC and it was fantastic news when it broke there willbe a second movie. Gossip followed on what story arc would the movie follow, will it be a sequel or a prequel? Well looking at the original movie there could only be one option and thats prequel and yesterday at the CinemaCon Disney revealed the movies title which will be MONSTERS UNIVERSITY.

The prequel is going backto the monsters University Days when Sully and Mike Wazowski where actually enemies before coming friends but these days companies are all about qaunity rather than qaulity and sequels get more $$$ than prequels though looking at the evidence a prequel would be more advisable and it been Monsters Inc Im sure a preque would be a safe bet.

Its expected Billy Crystal and Jon Goodman will be back to reprise there voice roles as Mike and Sully, what do you think on a another Monsters Inc movie? Prequel or Sequel?



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