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World War Z Breathing Life Again as Paramount Pictures Find Funders

Like a zombie plague the swarm of undead related movies that will take over our cinemas in the next few years is extraordinary but there is really one movie thats getting The Peoples Movies HQ excited thats the prospect of an movie adaptation of Max Brooks WORLD WAR Z. The actual book catalogues the history of the world’s greatest ever war with the survivors reflecting on their survival of zombie holocust that nearly destroyed the human race but recently Paramount Pictures have threatened to kill off this project due to serious troubles within the funding for the movie and if they cant get no one this project will be dead.

It now looks like we have some life saviours according to Deadline in the shape of Skydance Productions the company behind the funding for True Grit and Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol a company backed by David Ellison and the report also says there is also 2 other unnamed backers too. The report also says talks are at a serious stage with  Marc Forster (been attached since 2006) still attached to direct with Brad Pitt to star in a movie which has a budget estimated around $125million and if they get the thumbs up the filming could start as early as June.

Its fantastic news this project still looks alive and the prospect of seeing a worldwide pandemic viral outbreak, wars of Humans versus zombies could be fantastic. If they still want Brad Pitt onboard they may need to move fast and this could help kick start the project into production. My only concern is the dreaded rating in USA its PG-13 which would mean the dread 12A which has killed so many movies though it could be a 15 in UK as some PG-13 have been¬† given the rating. We’ve seen recently how destructive the rating can be when Weinstein company recut The Kings Speech down to PG-13 destroying the reputation of a good movie, we’ve even seen the movie reviewed at a average rating of 2.5/3 out of 5. Okay Paramount get those signatures and prepare for the World War Z!



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