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There’s news coming out of USA last night that British actress JUNO TEMPLE has been confirmed to star in Christopher Nolan’s THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Last week we reported that she was in talks to play a ‘street smart gotham girl’ though that hasnt been confirmed in the Variety post but like any new story the speculation will be rife on what part she may play. One thing to make clear here is that nothing states Temple’s part in the new Batman movie states she will have a major supporting  role no does it say her role will only be a minor one so her role could be anything from Holly Robinson Selina Kyle/Catwoman’s sidekick right down to Batgirl Stephanie Brown only Nolan and Legendary Pictures know her role.

The good folks at Collider picked up on the ‘street smart gotham girl’ story which looks the favourite  route for Temple that the Holly Robinson character could be the one as shes a  teenage prostitute as well as a roomate to Selina Kyle and guess what Selina Kyle is in the new movie?! There is so many possibilities like Robin mini series as see in the original DARK KNIGHT story created by Frank Miller  Though Stephanie Brown could also be regarded as ‘street smart’  as Batgirl.

So any thoughts folks? Have we missed any possible characters? leave your comments below and here is descriptions on Holly Robinson & Stephanie Brown from Wikipedia:

“Holly first appeared in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One as a juvenile prostitute who lives with Selina Kyle. Holly plays a small but significant role in the story when she encounters a disguised Bruce Wayne during one of his early attempts at crimefighting and stabs him in the leg. Wounded by this attack and a subsequent battle, Wayne escapes back to his home, brooding on the fact that his enemies do not fear him. This encounter is an impetus for his creation of the Batman persona. As such, Holly plays an indirect role in the Dark Knight’s origin –  Holly has no meta-abilities. She has been taught stealth, athletics, hot-wiring, lock-picking, thieving, acrobatics, and the martial arts by Selina. Ted Grant trained her in a form of kick-boxing adapted for street use, as well as English boxing. She has also spent time at a Female Furies training camp. She is proficient in the use the whip, firearms, and knives. As ofCountdown to Final Crisis #10, Holly had a portion of the cunning and skill of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. While she possessed these powers, she was an excellent marksman, and had the ability to track people by their scent. She lost these powers after returning to Earth.”

Stephanie Brown:

“Stephanie Brown was introduced in a three-issue story arc in Detective Comics #647-649 in which writer Chuck Dixon reinvented a villain called the Cluemaster. Dixon created the Cluemaster’s daughter, Stephanie, as simply a plot device for this story, seeking to “spoil” her father’s plans. Even so, the character was well-received by fans. The following year, Dixon launched the first ongoing Robin series and featured the Spoiler as a foil and love interest for Tim Drake. Stephanie remained an integral part of Robin’s supporting cast for over a decade, until her editorially-dictated death in the 2004 crossover storyline “Batman: War Games”. The character was also at the center of a high-profile teen pregnancy storyline in 1998, which caused Wizard Magazine to name Robin the best ongoing comic book of the year.- Her death was revealed to have been faked in a 2008 story, and in 2009, she became the eponymous lead character in the Batgirl series written by Bryan Q. Miller, with pencils by Lee Garbett.”


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